CalPERS Benefit Summaries (CA only)

Summary: Benefit formulas, cost-of-living adjustments, sick leave credit, survivor benefits, other CalPERS member benefits; employer and member contribution rates

This database provides benefit formulas, cost-of-living adjustments, sick leave credit, survivor benefits, other benefits, as well as employer and employee member contribution rates. Member contribution rates exclude any Employer Provided Member Contribution (EPMC) or any member contribution towards employer rates.  Data reflect June 30 for each reported year.  See the glossary for additional information.  


In 2013, CalPERS changed Coverage Group identifiers, and neither CalPERS nor the State Controller have provided any crosswalk, or way to compare Coverage Group benefits in 2013 with benefits in earlier years.  As a specific example, in 2012, CalPERS reported Police Coverage Group 75001 for the city of Costa Mesa.  In 2013, CalPERS reported for Costa Mesa a Police Coverage Group 75999105033, which is similar, but not identical to the 2012 group.  As a result, some Coverage Groups reflect 2003-2012 data, while the newer Coverage Groups reflect 2013 data. Some benefits for these 2012 and 2013 Coverage Groups are identical.  In this Costa Mesa example, the Benefit Formula for Police (Coverage Group 75001) is 3% at 50 (i.e., 3% of final salary times years of service at age 50), identical to the Benefit Formula for 2013 (Police Coverage Group 75999105033).



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Geographic Coverage: Counties, City or Other Local Government

Periodicity: Annually

Series Begins/Ends: 2003 - 2015

Data Source: California State Controller

Updated:  Feb. 03, 2017 Next update: Feb. 03, 2018

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