AIDS Diagnoses

Summary: Annual and cumulative AIDS diagnoses for adults and children

This database reports estimated annual and cumulative AIDS diagnoses for adults and children.  Reported numbers less than 12 should be interpreted with caution because of standard error rates greater than 30 percent.


Cumulative figures relfect those from the beginning of the epidemic through 2011. Estimated numbers resulted from statistical adjustment that accounted for reporting delays, but not for incomplete reporting. Rates are per 100,000 population. Values in each column may not sum to the column totals because some numbers have been calculated independently.  

Geographic Coverage: U.S., States

Periodicity: Annually

Series Begins/Ends: 1993/2013

Data Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Updated:  May 07, 2015 Next update: Jan. 20, 2016

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 Number of AIDS diagnoses

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