Branded and Unbranded Gasoline Prices (CA only)

Summary: Statewide branded and unbranded gasoline prices

This database provides statewide branded and unbranded gasoline prices. The sum of all categories equals the reported retail price. These data are based on statewide average retail and wholesale gasoline prices for the California market as a whole for a single day of the week, not a seven-day average. For more details on how these are estimated, see a description of calculations and a definition of variables. Units are U.S. dollars. 


Note: The California Energy Commission currently does not update this database.  The next update date of Dec. 20, 2015 is estimated.

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Geographic Coverage: States

Periodicity: Annually

Series Begins/Ends: 1999 - 2018

Data Source: California Energy Commission

Updated:  Aug. 11, 2018 Next update: Jul. 10, 2019

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